Manuja Hughes

Head of Early Years and Nursery Lead

“I am proud of my grounding in the Montessori Method of early childhood education as this has moulded my educational philosophy starting from my own early childhood in Sri Lanka.   I am passionate about nurturing independent, and active learners and derives equal satisfaction from seeing a child learning to put on a pair of shoes or hearing a child reading their first words.  I recognise that this education in early childhood is where the child’s home environment of parents/caregivers, the educators at school, as well as the ebb and flow of the social world coalesce.  I am enthusiastic about setting the foundation for developing curious, lifelong learners through a partnership between parents, teachers and the child, developing learning experiences. As the mother of a five year old, I see the world even more intimately through a child’s eye and my creativity in providing meaningful, happy learning experiences is ever being refreshed.”

Teaching Biography

Most recently, Manuja served as the Head Teacher/Manager and SENCO at The Beehive on Queen’s Park Montessori School. Prior to that, Manuja amassed a wealth of experience at Little Sweethearts Montessori School first as a Montessori Directress and then as the Manager for over 10 years. Throughout her career, she has been committed to inspiring young minds and laying a solid foundation in the early years, fostering a lifelong love of learning in each individual child through a collaborative effort between parents and teachers.

To Manuja a successful lesson is one that gets children excited about learning and endeavours to understand the needs of each child in her charge and develop lessons accordingly. In her classroom each child is treated with respect and even challenging behaviour is transformed into a teachable moment. As she fosters wellbeing and learning she strives to ensure her young charges develop the academic, social and emotional skills to become capable young adults.

Personal Biography

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Manuja made London her home in 2004. Giving up a career in accounting Manuja chose to qualify as an Early Years Educator. During her spare time she is a competitive Ballroom and Latin-American dancer representing the UK, winning national and international competitions around the world. Amongst the many titles she holds the one she is most proud of is being a mother.

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