Phonics- Rocket Phonics

At Bassett House, we teach Rocket Phonics, a rigorous and highly-engaging DfE validated story-based Systematic Synthetic phonics programme. It is fully aligned and based on Letters and Sounds 2007 with the added benefit of tailored e-books and interactive games, with strong progression based on extensive research on speech and language development. Rocket Phonics has lots of fun and child friendly resources that perfectly balance the focus on blending for reading, and segmenting for writing and spelling. Additionally, our teachers plan and deliver a range of interactive and differentiated phonics games and activities to run alongside this scheme. At the end of Form 1, our children are ready to pass the National Phonics Screen with flying colours!



The quality of the
teachers are top
notch and it is very
impressive to see the
outstanding academic
results from Form
6 - all achieved in a
way that is not pushy
or too stressful for
the children. They
have all developed an
appetite for learning
which they will keep
for life.

Current parent Form 6

Cursive Handwriting- Think Write

Hemisphere’s Think Write is an award winning, cursive handwriting programme. Originally developed by a prominent Occupational Therapist, it is proven to help children learn accurate letter formation. Children at Bassett begin in our Preschool class by learning the animal families and the starting shapes for each letter. As they move through Reception and Year One, our pupils learn the correct script height, size, spatial placements and formation before learning to join by the end of Form 2.