Welcome to House Schools Group, a family-run group of three outstanding prep schools in West London for boys and girls aged 3-11.

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Notting Hill

Tatler 2019

Tatler Schools Guide 2019

‘A hidden gem in Notting Hill that was founded with the aim of providing an environment for children to learn through self-discovery. Leavers from this non-selective school not only have a real zest for life, but they also care about their table manners (a golden spoon is awarded to the more polite eaters). Bassett House does well academically and saw unbeaten seasons in netball last year, but may we also draw your attention to the clubs: a barbershop group called the Bassettones, Strictly Scotitsh Dancing, Artrepreneurs (where children create imaginative objects that are sold for charity), a radio show, cooking by numbers, which caught the eye of both Nigella Lawson and Nadya Hussain on Twitter. Bassett House is quickly becoming one of the most nurturing and creative prep schools in West London’.



Our Ethos

Every child can learn to fly

Our outstanding results repeatedly show that all children can learn to fly, regardless of early learning ability.

Great minds think for themselves; nurturing individuality is at the heart of our teaching. We believe tailor-made teaching opens up young minds to endless possibilities, and that a growth mindset approach encourages children to think creatively and form their own ideas.

Our pupils mostly call it having fun.
We call it being the best they can be.

A full statement of the school’s ethos and aims is available here.

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