Choosing a school for your child

As a mother myself whose children have been through the London independent school system, I understand that choosing a school for your child is a big decision.  My job as registrar is to make the decision-making process as easy for you as I can. 

Call me for a chat (+44 20 8969 0313), look through the website or I can post you a copy of our prospectus. Please do come and visit the school either on an Open Day or a private visit.

This page sets out the types of visits we offer, lets you download a soft copy of our prospectus, and tells you how to apply for a place for your child, along with our fee structure.

You may also find useful information on the site on bursaries, our flexible entry points to the school, and wraparound care, which can run from 7.45am to 5.45pm.

Or if you are new to London prep schools, you could begin by reading our introductory guide.

When you are ready to register, click the link below.  



Thalia Demetriades


Download our Prospectus
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Visit us

Open mornings & book a visit

We welcome visits from parents who are considering Bassett House for their child.  Usually, we hold open events two or three times a year and we hope to publicise the date of our next open event closely following government advice. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about the school, please contact our friendly registrar Thalia (at registrar@bassetths.org.uk). The school is still accepting registrations and if you would like to register your child, we will acknowledge your registration and invite you for a Zoom meeting with the headmistress, Mrs Cawthorne: she will be able to talk to you about the school, answer any questions you may have and give you a virtual tour of our fabulous facilities.

For location details and a map see the Contact Us page.


Contact US 
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How to apply

Entrance procedure

Once you’ve registered and visited us, the next thing that happens depends on your particular circumstances. 

Offers for children starting the school year aged 3 or 4

Places are offered in registration order with priority given to brothers and sisters of children already at the school. In terms of timing, when you will receive an offer depends on how long it is before your child is due to start at Bassett House. For those children registered when they are babies, offers of places are sent out by post about 16 months before the child is due to start.

Offers for older children

If your child wishes to join further up the school, please contact Thalia, our registrar, to find out whether a place might be available in the relevant year group.  If it is, the school will then invite your child to undertake an assessment to establish your child’s level of attainment (focusing on mathematics and English) to determine whether your child will be a good fit for the class and will be able to fully access the curriculum that the intended class is following.  For younger children, the assessment is more about whether your child will fit with the existing class than academic attainment. Thalia will then let you know if and when you can expect to receive an offer.

How to accept a place

When you receive your offer, you will also be given instructions on how to accept the offer.  This involves an advance payment of fees and a deposit of £2,500.

Your queries

We have tried to keep the entrance process as straightforward as we can, but we know it can seem quite complex.  We are here to help.  If you would like to discuss any aspect of admission, please contact our registrar, Thalia Demetriades, by emailing registrar@bassetths.org.uk or by calling +44 20 8969 0313.

Admissions Policy

The above is a summary of our Admissions Policy.  You can access the full Admissions Policy (which takes precedence over this summary) via this link: 

admissions policy


Fees per term from September 2020


(including Local Authority Grant)


Mornings Only
Afternoons (attended regularly through the term)
Afternoons (per afternoon)


£1,919.20 / £3,070*


£4,989.20/ £6,140*



FORMS 3, 4, 5 AND 6


*Fees EXCLUDING local authority grant up to Reception age

Please note that these fees include a hot home-made lunch (or salad and vegetarian alternatives) and most excursions (but not residential trips).



Regular attendance – morning session from 7.45am

£5 per session

Regular attendance – after-school session until 5.45pm

£15 per session; but £5 if a child is already enrolled into an after-school club

To find out more about Wraparound care, click here.

To find out about paying on a monthly basis, please request further information from the registrar or click here.

For information about the Local Authority grant and other Government schemes to help reduce fees click here.

A deposit of £2,500 is payable upon entry to the school. This is returned when your child leaves the school, subject to the school having received payment of all sums due to it.