Our pupils are privileged to benefit from academically achieving to exceptionally high standards.

At Bassett House School, exceptional academic achievement is a given.

Our children go on to the best senior schools in London. During their time with us, they benefit from a curriculum crafted by specialist teachers and best pedagogical practice implemented throughout the school. But more importantly, they are resilient, curious and confident in their intellect and cultural appreciation.

This summer, we have tested and bench-marked our pupils to make sure our children continued to thrive and grow academically during lockdown. We were delighted with their progress, which showed that 40% more of our pupils showed significant growth than the national average across most categories.

Our pupils have a love of learning embedded in their time with us

Our pupils have a love of learning embedded within them during their time with us, and with the utilisation of Carol Dweck’s growth-mindset approach, they show resilience by attempting everything without the fear of failure. Failure doesn’t exist at Bassett House. Here, we see it as a first attempt at learning.

Passion for teaching is displayed throughout the school. Bassett House School teachers are selected by way of a rigorous recruitment process, with an underlying focus on their personal can-do attitudes towards their classroom management and lesson structures. Our pupils thrive in these conditions and are confident, considered individuals who have strong foundations for their bright futures.