Children develop well when they feel secure, happy and valued. We put great emphasis on pastoral care to ensure every pupil gains the confidence to achieve their personal best.

No child has any doubt their teachers and staff will listen to their issues. Each child has a personal ‘Pupil Plan’ where pupils can note any personal notes or worries so teachers can monitor their happiness and well-being. There is also a ‘worry box’ in the hall where children can post any concerns.

Our buddy system helps newcomers through their early days, and we encourage older children to mentor younger pupils, instilling a sense of responsibility. Our growth mindset philosophy supports and inspires children if they are having difficulty sharing or managing a friendship issue.


We encourage older children to mentor younger pupils, instilling a sense of responsibility.

We invite them to one of our weekly ‘communication stations’ where they can practise strategies or try re-framing their perception of the issue. They learn emotional and social matters are not fixed and can be an opportunity for personal growth.

The school’s house system encourages teamwork and a competitive spirit

The school’s house system encourages teamwork and a competitive spirit, allowing children to celebrate their own success as well as the achievement of others. Whole school events and charitable activities foster a sense of pride in belonging to a wider community.