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Early Years

Early Years

The key to successful learning in the early years is to teach children without them realising they are being taught. At Bassett House learning is seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of our pupils’ exciting day-to-day experiences, which feature an endless supply of stimulating learning resources, which are mostly physical or visually engaging at this early stage.

We also embrace selected aspects of the Montessori philosophy in the early years.

Children develop their reading skills at very different times in the early years, and we use Phonics at an early stage, along with daily reading with each child, to help every pupil progress at a suitable pace.

Bassett House School reading and literacy - Room on the Broom



“Words are the only things that last forever.” (William Hazlitt)

At Bassett House, a love of reading is established by using a combination of the most effective reading programmes aimed at teaching phonics in a fun, engaging and child-friendly way. We use a ‘teach, practise, apply’ lesson approach aimed to cater for all learning styles.

We ensure children gain a secure understanding of phonics right from age 3 by reading with each child every day through to the end of year 2 and allowing them to progress at their own pace. There is a phonics coordinator who oversees the teaching of phonics through the early years and key stage 1.


Embracing Montessori

Although developed in the early 20th century, Montessori remains a buzz word in education today.

At Bassett House School, selected aspects of the Montessori philosophy are included in our teaching methods for our younger children, simply because they work extremely well. All the more so when incorporated with the early years curriculum.

The Montessori method centres on mental and physical freedom and child-initiated learning. This encourages pupils to explore concepts and develop skills through their own choices and interaction with specially designed apparatus and materials.

Montessori offers a journey of active personal discovery rather than passive learning and consistently proves to be an invaluable launch to the start of academic life.