Alejandra Gomez

Spanish Teacher

“I believe that learning languages builds confidence and independence in students while also they fall in love with its culture. With the rise of foreign-language markets and the increasing trend of globalisation, interacting with diverse languages allows pupils to travel without leaving the classroom and is a fantastic method for me to learn about my own culture.
Providing students an opportunity to communicate more effectively with others, languages help children comprehend what it means to be a global citizen.”

Teaching Biography

Alejandra’s mother, and later her brother, motivated and inspired her to pursue a career in education. She encouraged herself to follow in the footsteps of her mother and brother by teaching English at a summer school in Uruguay in 2016. Following the completion of her degree in Art, she has been focused on developing and promoting Spanish, both through interpreting and now at Bassett School, teaching Spanish at an early age to equips children with a skill for a globalised future.

Personal Biography

Alejandra was born in Uruguay but lived in Spain for 7 years and in London for the last 11 years. She has family in Spain and Uruguay, and she loves visiting them as often as possible. Alejandra enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures. She can speak Spanish and English. Besides, she does volunteer work as an interpreter for a Human Rights charity, which allows her to promote the Spanish language and culture.  Some of her favourite activities outside of Bassett House include drawing, watching documentaries, learning traditional dances, sewing, and participating in language exchanges.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Language and International Law | Birkbeck, University of London.
  • Community Interpreting Level 3 | Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Learning and Skills Service, OCN Awarding
  • CPD training on Safeguarding Adults and Children Level 1, VitalSkills Awarding

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