Kate Fell

Classroom Teacher

Kate’s classroom is a fun and safe space, where everyone is equal and has a story to tell. With so much of the world to learn about, lessons can come from any small observation and the best learning comes from engagement and enjoyment; learning without realising it.

Teaching Biography

Kate started at Bassett House in September 2015 and feels lucky to have her name as a feature across family tea-time tables, throughout West London. In 2019, she became the Early Years Coordinator and has loved creating a stimulating and exciting learning environment for young learners in our new building at 73 St Helen’s.

She lived in Madrid after completing her studies and worked as a teaching assistant in an international school. She had found her calling, and so, after returning to her home in Edinburgh to complete her teaching qualification, she embarked on her teaching career.

Personal Biography

Kate is very proud of her Scottish roots and, as well as travelling home whenever possible, she can be heard across Europe singing ‘Flower of Scotland’ as loudly as she can at Six Nations rugby matches. In recent years, she has become a keen wild swimmer and loves a dip at any time of year(!), be it from a west-Highland beach or in the ponds at Hampstead Heath.


  • Master of Arts (Hons) – University of Glasgow
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education – University of Edinburgh

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