GENEral INfOrmaTION: STaff – 2020/2021

Teachers and staff

All form teachers are suitably qualified for the age ranges with which they work. Specialist teachers are employed for science, music, French, physical education, art/DT, eurhythmics, dance and ICT/computing. Additional trained staff help with the teaching of reading and any other specific needs.

Staff are trained to identify any emerging special needs and to advise parents on appropriate remedial action, should this be deemed helpful.


Headmistress and Deputy Head

Philippa Cawthorne


Mrs Philippa Cawthorne

MA (Southampton) PGCE Mont Cert

Alastair Moulton

Deputy Head

Mr Alastair Moulton

BA (Hons) (Sheffield)

School Office

Kirsten Crossland

Marketing and Admissions

Ms Kirsten Crossland

Lucy Taylor

School Secretary

Mrs Lucy Taylor

Form Teachers

Sarah Bills

Form 6

Mrs Sarah Bills


Alice Wood

Form 5
(also KS2 Coordinator)

Miss Alice Wood

BA Hons (London) Primary Education

Alexandria Johnson

Form 4J

Ms Alexandria Johnson


Isobel Probert

Form 3P

Miss Isobel Probert

BA Hons (Newcastle) PGCE (Oxon)

Agnes Diezinger

Form 3D

Miss Agnes Diezinger

BA Hons (Exeter) PGCE (Brunel)

Kari Roe

Form 2R
(also ks1 coordinator)

Mrs Kari Roe

MA (Glasgow)

Andrea Searle

Form 2S

Mrs Andrea Searle


Ranee Sivananthan

Form 1S

Miss Ranee Sivananthan

(Hons)(Brunel)PGCE(Roehampton) MontDip

Katy Baldwin

Reception B

Miss Katy Baldwin

BA Hons (Leeds) PGCE

Kate Fell

Reception F
(also EYFS coordinator)

Mrs Kate Fell

MA Hons (Glasgow) PGDE (Edinburgh)

Alice Whiting

Pre school

Mrs Alice Whiting

BEd Hons (Wales) Mont. Cert.



Support Teachers

Yolanda Alves-Soto

Miss Yolanda Alves-Soto

Mont Dip

Nicola Barne

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Mrs Nicola Barne

MA (Edinburgh) PGCE (London)

Aleksandra Borzecka-Kuras

Mrs Aleksandra Borzecka-Kuras

BA (Gdansk) MA EY Education (London) Mont Dip

Maggie Fagg

Mrs Maggie Fagg

CertEd (Durham)

Tamara Flynn

Gap Year Assistant

Miss Tamara Flynn

Joanna Kudyba

Miss Joanna Kudyba

BA(Hons) Poland Mont Dip

Patricia Loimil Peñate

Miss Patricia Loimil Peñate

BEd(Venezuela) PGDip

Annalyn Moore

Mrs Annalyn Moore

DipHE (Philippines)

Dina Moura

Miss Dina Moura

BA (Aveiro)


Specialist Teachers

Jane Burgess Harcourt


Mrs Jane Burgess Harcourt

BA Hons (Miami) GTP (Brunel)

Jack Perry-Cockings

woodwind, guitar and saxophone

Mr Jack Perry-Cockings

BMus Jazz(Hons)(RWC) MMus(Guildhall)

Megan Thomas


Ms Megan Thomas


Emilia Carota

Physical Education

Ms Emilia Carota

BA Hons (Universitá L'Aquila) PGCE(Cheltenham)

Tim Carnegie

Drum Kit

Mr Tim Carnegie

Veronica Copeman


Miss Veronica Copeman

BA Hons (Exeter) Hornsby Certificate

Jane Davison


Miss Jane Davison


Marine Dolques


Mlle Marine Dolques

DipEd (Victoria) BL (Université Paul Cézanne)

Russell Friese

Physical Education

Mr Russell Friese

MA (Middx) PGCE (Middx)

Peter Komor


Mr Peter Komor

BMus Jazz RWCMD (First Class Honours)

Mary O’Connor


Mrs Mary O’Connor

BA Hons (Dartington)

Seema Syed

Head of Curriculum, Assessment and Computing

Mrs Seema Syed

BSc(Hons)(Greenwich) PGCE(Lond) CTeach

Maria Slade


Mrs Maria Slade

BA(Paisley) PGCE(Middx)


Sarah Danby


Mrs Sarah Danby

BA Hons (Oxford)

Ursula Happawana

Finance Bursar

Mrs Ursula Happawana


Elisabeth Margolis

Assistant Bursar

Mrs Elisabeth Margolis

Kevin Chung

IT & Technical Services Manager

Mr Kevin Chung

BSc Hons (Herts)

Andrew Nish

IT & Technical Services Specialist

Mr Andrew Nish

BSc Hons (Luton)

Sangam Rai

IT & Technical Services Specialist

Mr Sangam Rai

BSc Hons (Luton)

Baraa Fayed


Mr Baraa Fayed

Steve Cesh


Mr Steve Cesh