Flatford Mill welcomes Form 3

The children in Form 3 loved their residential trip to Flatford Mill in Suffolk.

They had the chance to explore and investigate the local environment by participating in a range of exciting activities, including: orienteering, mammal trapping and learning about the history of Flatford Mill. Some of the children were lucky enough to catch a few live voles in mammal traps they had set out the night before. These small mammals were, of course, released safely (and quickly!) back into the wild after they had been examined and exhibited for all the children to observe.

A memorable highlight for many of the children, and certainly the adults involved, was the campfire experience on our final evening. We were taught a wide range of upbeat campfire songs and dances.

Having studied the famous paintings of Flatford Mill, by John Constable, in history lessons, the children were interested to see for themselves the beautiful environment in which they were painted. They were able to study his paintings and visited many of the areas which were an inspiration for Constable.

The children returned to school buzzing with stories about their trip. They also had a new-found sense of independence, friendship and confidence. They have certainly triumphed in their first residential trip.

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