Bassett Life
Message from Mrs Cawthorne - Remote Provision Feedback

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the questionnaire about our remote learning provision and for giving us such useful and honest feedback.

Bassett children have adapted brilliantly to learning online and I am very pleased to report that 90% of BHS parents believe our remote learning provision to be good or very good. As always, there are things that can be done to improve and enhance the online experience for our children and we are busy going through the individual comments to see what can be achieved. I have seen some wonderful online lessons with children participating and sharing their work with enthusiasm.

I hope we will be back in school before too long but am confident that, in the meantime, children are able to learn lots of new things online and make progress in their work.

Pre-School - New Beginnings

The children in Pre-School have had a wonderful start to the new term as you can see from all these gorgeous photographs. Activities enjoyed already have included daily class calendar time, sharing books together, enjoying construction and, a very magical time singing our focus rhyme of the week Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the dark complete with fairy lights! In addition the children have had the opportunity to experience remote learning through zoom specialist lessons in French, PE and Music. As you can see 2021 is already proving to be fun and exciting for the Pre School!

Form 1

Form 1 has been delighting Mrs Whiting by engaging with her and their peers from home and school.

Form 2

2R have made a fantastic start to their online learning. They have quickly got into a routine and have all been trying their best. Well done!

Form 3

Miss Probert writes:

This week Form 3 have been writing character descriptions based on the character of ‘Grandma’ from George’s marvellous medicine. The children brainstormed ideas, focusing on powerful adjectives, similes and quotations and then wrote their descriptions.

Mrs Ola and I have been immensely proud of the work they have produced. Well done Form 3.

Below are some examples of our character descriptions:

Grandma is as stinky as a trash bin. She is a grumpy old hag and as old as an ancient artefact. Unblinking eyes, and a frosty smile, she is as skinny as a skeleton. She is disagreeable with George, Grandmother is even more horrible than Georges worst nightmare.

 As always, she is extremely wicked and rude.  She is as skinny as a spiders leg and as lazy as a sloth. Wicked eyes and a small puckered up mouth like a dog’s bottom.

 Usually Grandma’s are lovely and kind. However this one she’s as stubborn as a verruca. She was always ‘grumbling, grouching, griping, grousing’ at George. Her bright wicked eyes were always staring at George creepily.

Form 4

In Form 4 we have been off to a wonderful start, measuring real-life items to find the perimeter.  We can remember that perimeter means the distance around, so with a trusty ruler handy (or a measuring tape or two) we set off measuring and completing our calculations.  I am so delighted with the way the children have managed to stick to the formula of P= (L x H) x 2. Keep it up, Form 4!

Form 5

Form 5 delighted us by posing for a whole class photo!

Form 6

Despite being in the final couple of weeks of the 11+ assessment process, Form 6 watched a live RSC broadcast of Michael Morpurgo’s tale of A Midsummer’s Night Dream and managed lots of Zoom time fun.

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P T M Cawthorne 15 January 2021