Bassett Life
Message from Mrs Cawthorne The start of the school day

True to our Montessori roots, we are keen to encourage the children to be independent. May I ask, please, that parents drop off their son or daughter at the door and avoid coming into the classroom at a time when teachers are busy greeting the children and getting them prepared for the start of the school day. Should you need to speak with your son or daughter’s teacher, please send an email to the school office, Mrs Demetriades and Mrs Taylor are always happy to pass on important messages or book an appointment for you.

Please may I ask parents to ensure that the children are dropped off at school before 8.45am as registration takes place promptly at 8.50am. If your son or daughter should be unable to attend school due to illness, please send an email to ( or telephone the school office before 8.30am. Your cooperation in these matters is much appreciated. 

The Den making the best of the wonderful weather this week

Mrs Whiting writes:

The children in the Den have had a wonderful start to life at Bassett House and are embracing a wealth of new and exciting experiences to the full!

Lower 1 Computing

Mrs Fell writes:

The children in Lower 1 enjoyed their computing session this week. Miss Baldwin was very impressed with how sensibly the children handled the laptops and iPads. We explored educational games on the iPads, which gave the children an opportunity to practise number formation. On the laptop they explored using the trackpad and completed maths games on busy things. What a fun lesson.

The Den Music lessons with Mrs Harcourt

Mrs Harcourt writes:

The Den have been having fun in their music lessons, exploring pitch and dynamics using ribbon sticks. The children listened carefully and followed along to the music, interpreting the sounds they heard.

Maths problems of the week This week's problems

Mr Wingfield writes:

Each week, the children are set a mathematics problem to solve independently, which tests their logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The problems are posted to Instagram every week, and feature in Bassett Life every Friday with the answers published the following week.

Form 5 Back from Bushcraft!

Miss Wood writes:

After an exciting residential trip to Blenheim woods, the children have settled into Form 5 very well.


Gymnastics Heathrow Gymnastics team wins gold!

The Heathrow Gymnastics team recently won a gold medal at Primary TeamGym British Championships held in Liverpool.

There were twelve teams competing from all over the country, six from southern England and six from Northern England.

Very well done to our one of our pupils, who was part of the victorious Heathrow team!

Form 1 Teddy bears' picnic

Mrs Clement writes:

This week, the children in Form 1 have been learning how to use adjectives to describe their favourite teddy bears and soft toys. On Thursday, they went to Kensington Memorial Park, taking with them their delicious healthy snacks, and enjoyed a teddy bears’ picnic!

Clubs Chess club

Ms Beniwal’s Chess club got off to an excellent start on Thursday afternoon.

Monday club Judo club

Judo club started on Monday this week with a record number of children enrolled in the club.

Lower 1 and Form 1 Lego club

The Lego Young Engineers club began yesterday afternoon. As you can see, the children were given an enormous box of Lego pieces to choose from to create their designs. 

Pinboard A reminder of this useful bulletin service

Should you wish to advertise in the bulletin under “Wanted”, “Offered, or “Recommended”, please visit to place your advertisement. For those parents new to the school, Pinboard is a weekly email bulletin service, run by Pinboard exclusively for Bassett parents and staff. You have the opportunity to buy/sell items such as bikes or uniform or share (or seek) useful intel (such as holiday workshops or the name of a local plumber) and emails will come directly to you from Pinboard on a weekly basis. If you would like to receive these emails, please go to www. and click on Register to sign up. The school will then verify your identity so that Pinboard knows that you belong to the Bassett community (but the school will not give any of your personal data to Pinboard that you have not yourself volunteered to them).

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

P T M Cawthorne 13 September 2019