Bassett Life
Form 3D - Eco superheroes! Assembly on Wednesday

Mrs Borzecka-Kuras writes:

On Wednesday morning, Form 3D gave an outstanding performance. The children magically turned into eco-superheroes, who tried to encourage others to look after our environment. We need to remember that everyone has a responsibility. Just like Robert Swan said: “the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save our planet”.

I would like to thank the parents for helping the children to learn their lines so beautifully. Keep it up 3D!

Form 3P Let there be light!

Miss Probert writes:

In their science lessons, Form 3 have been continuing with their new topic on ‘light’. They looked at what light was and then investigated how light travels. They used a range of objects around the classroom to prove that light travels in straight lines. Not only did they investigate brilliantly but also wrote up their experiments like true scientists!

This week, they investigated how we see colours in low light. We simulated a cave (using our desks!) and then used a torch to shine light through different colours of card. We even managed to mix primary colours together. Like true Scientists, we finished by describing our findings. Super job Form 3!

Maths problems of the week Last week's answers

Advance notice of Christmas Festive Jumper Day!

An invitation to wear your all time favourite festive jumper to school on the last day of term, Friday 11 December.

Donations can be made via your class rep – £5 per family and, if you can give a little more to our BHSPA charities, that would be amazing.

Love your little BHSPA elves

Form 5 Vikings

Miss Wood writes:

Form 5 have been making their knowledge of the Vikings come to life through a range of activities: independent research, designing Viking longships and mapping Ancient Britain and the Viking origin locations. It was wonderful to see the children use their teamwork skills to pull all the elements together; proving that teamwork makes the dream work!

Maths problems of the week This week's problems

Miss Wood writes:
Each week, the children are set a mathematics problem to solve independently, which tests their logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The problems are posted to Instagram every week, and feature in Bassett Life every Friday with the answers published the following week.

Form 3D Bar graphs

In mathematics Form 3 is learning about data handling and statistics. We looked at different kinds of graphs such as pictograms and bar graphs and then interpreted the data. The children had so much fun creating two (giant) bar graphs in the playground, researching the most popular hair colour and eye colour in Form 3. We also consolidated our learning about lines. parallel, horizontal, vertical and perpendicular.

Form 2 Gingerbread men!

Mrs Roe and Mrs Searle write:

Form 2 had a wonderful time on Monday decorating gingerbread men. The children then used their knowledge of instructional writing to explain how they did it. The children used time connectives and imperative verbs. What a fun lesson and what a creative and tasty way to start the week!
Well done Form 2.

News from the Art Department Christmas decorations

Mrs Slade writes:

The elves….sorry the children, have been busy making Christmas decorations and working on Christmas projects for our up and coming Carol service.

Reception Computing

Mrs Fell writes:

In their computing lesson last week, the children in Reception really enjoyed practising their photography skills. They used a tripod and an iPad to take pictures of their friends – we tried hard to ensure we could see all of our friends’ faces on the screen before we took a photo and were careful not to take too many! We also learnt how to delete a photo that we did not want to keep. We tried to use different facial expressions and emotions in our photos such as: happy; sad; angry; surprised etc. Can you guess how the children are feeling in these photos?

Form 4 Parallel circuits

Mr Moulton writes:

The Form 4 children have been busy experimenting with series and parallel circuits over the past few weeks. This week, they enjoyed making a parallel circuit with a number of components, including a bulb and a motor. Their final challenge was to create an image of a person with a bulb for a nose and a bowtie that would spin around. As you can see from the photos, the children were very successful in their endeavours. Well done Form 4!

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P T M Cawthorne 27 November 2020