Bassett Life
Form 4 Flotsam - a book by David Weisner

Ms Johnson writes:

The children in Form 4 have been using the book Flotsam, by David Weisner, as a stimulus. The book is about a marvellous antique camera, and all the wonderful things captured on its film. To begin the unit, I presented the children with “sandy” trays of “flotsam” and the children needed to carefully examine the items and guess who owned them. We enjoyed using our inference skills to determine what we could about the mysteries within the book’s pages. Take a look at our “Wonder, Observe, Infer” grids, in which we asked questions about the illustrations and described what we noticed. I love the critical thinking skills!

Earlier in the week, I brought in an authentic turn-of-the-century box camera, so the children could see and feel a real one for themselves. Wow! So much has changed since the good old days when we needed to develop our rolls of film. The children, who are live in the digital world, loved opening up the camera to see what’s inside; it has sparked their imaginations in composing their own persuasive advertisement for eBay (so that I can sell the camera when we’re done). I can’t wait to develop this writing next week. Bravo, Form 4s!

Preschool Parachute!

Mrs Whiting writes:

The Preschool children have had a super time learning games in the garden. A particular highlight this week was learning how to play games with the parachute. It is wonderful to see the delight on the children’s faces.

Artist of the Week This week's winners

Mrs Slade writes:

Our Artists of the Week are a pupil in Form 2R for her wonderful Miro inspired watercolour and marker artwork and a pupil in Form 5 for his mixed media Georgia O’Keeffe artwork. Well done to both of them.

Form 3 Geography

Mrs Borzecka-Kuras write:

In their geography lesson this week, Form 3 learned about the water cycle and its parts: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The children acted out each stage of the water cycle demonstrating their fantastic acting skills – Watch out Hollywood!

Form 2 Music with Mrs Harcourt

Form 2 enjoyed their music lesson learning about pitch, tempo and dynamics using ribbon sticks. The children later used their voices and imaginations to incorporate these three concepts into puppet shows performed for one another. It was good fun and the children certainly had a lot to contribute to their shows!

Form 5 Varjak Paw

Mrs Bills writes:

Form 5 are enjoying reading S.F. Said’s novel ‘Varjak Paw’ this term. Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue kitten who lives high up in an old house on a hill. He’s never left home, but then his grandfather tells him about the Way……..

On Monday, the children enacted a ‘conscience alley’ to help Varjak Paw decide if he was going to leave home in order to rescue his family, or not. Scan the image below to view the Form 5 video.

Form 5 are definitely the cat’s whiskers!

Form 4 Science

Mr Moulton writes:

During their science lesson, the Form 4 children have been looking at the effects certain drinks have on our teeth. This week they carried out a fun experiment involving eggs. They chose 4 different liquids (coke, blackcurrant juice, coffee and water) to soak their eggs in for a few days. When they were removed from the liquids the children made some initial observations then got to work with their toothbrushes.

It was interesting to see how each liquid affected the egg shell, which is similar to the material our teeth are made from. Even after brushing, many remained stained. We considered what this meant for our daily diet and could see the importance of brushing our teeth regularly.

French Les couleurs!

Mlle Dolques writes:

In Reception, the children have been learning the colours in French, playing French games and saying words with confidence and excellent pronunciation.
Bravo Reception!

Reception Computing lesson

Mrs Fell writes:

The children in Reception have been busy getting familiar with the laptops this week in their computing lesson.

The children have been building their confidence to use the trackpad to select different activities. I was really impressed by their ‘can-do’ attitudes. Well done!

Bubblewrap Making jewellery

Mrs Roe writes:

Children had lots of fun in Bubblewrap this week making their own items of jewellery using beautifully coloured beads.

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P T M Cawthorne 25 September 2020