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Form 6 Assembly at 9.00am

Wednesday, 20 March

The theme of this assembly is A Midsummer Night’s flight.

Parents are, of course, very welcome to attend. 

News from the music department Musical Ensembles Extravaganza

Mrs Harcourt writes:

Bassett House played host to Tuesday’s Ensemble Extravaganza, which was indeed a sensory delight! The orchestra opened the event with two songs, ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’, and the classic, ‘Ode to Joy’, performed in five parts. The jazz ensemble wowed the audience with their ‘Three Grooves’ performance, playing complex ostinatos, all the while moving, dancing and playing percussion instruments – no mean feat! Mr Komor led the guitar ensemble with ‘I’m A Believer’ and ‘Hey Jude’, played in two parts, producing a tuneful, rich sound. Last, but not least, the Bassettones brought the house down with ‘Walk Like a Man’, followed by ‘I’m Still Standing’ – strong singing matched with stylish dance moves. An enjoyable morning was had by parents, staff and children alike.

Form 1S Assembly on Wednesday

Miss Sivananthan writes:

Form 1S retold the story of Rosie Revere, Engineer (written by Andrea Beaty) and wowed us with their engineering skills by redesigning Rosie’s flying invention. The children took on their role of engineers very professionally by predicting, testing and taking note of the result of their design. The audience were treated to a film clip of each engineer testing their invention. The children spoke clearly and enthusiastically, and sang songs all about flight. The audience (including teachers) were pleased to hear that the engineers would be available to assist with any Bassett Airways queries during STEAM week.

Book Week Around the world with books

Mr Molero writes:

All children and staff enjoyed a stimulating and engaging book week, and everyone took part in a wide variety of activities and competitions that showed that reading for pleasure is highly valued at Bassett House.

The themed lessons were enjoyed by all classes and I was very impressed to see the imaginative travelling characters that the children described. The stories that they wrote and illustrated were powerful and very entertaining.

All children participated in our annual character hunt, working in small groups and exploring the whole school building to find the hidden travelling characters. The standard of the designed bookmarks and the art competition entries was also very high.

The highlight of the week was the ‘dress up’ assembly on Friday morning. The effort and imagination that was put into creating the fabulous costumes was excellent.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and teachers for making this week such a success and especially to those parents who volunteered to read to the children.

Well done, Bassett, for a superb Book Week!

Book Week Winners of the dressing up day competition

Well done to all the winners of our Book Week dressing up day competition.

STEAM WEEK Bassett Airways - up, up and away

Captain Higginson opened STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) Week proceedings this year with a plea to the children. He was living his dream to be a pilot and was trying to set up his own airline, Cheesyjet, but it was not working out – it was a failure across the board from bad food, horrible cabin crew uniforms, dreadful destinations and most importantly – no planes. Could the children help set up a more successful new airline – Bassett Airways?

Could they ever! The children calculated flight timings, fuel consumption, profit and costs whilst planning destinations, designing a plane, the in-flight menu and entertainment system. Lower 1 enjoyed problem solving with lost luggage and Forms 5 and 6 designed their own prototype aircraft considering Newtonian principles and Bernoulli’s law. 

Bassett Airways would be a much more successful airline than the doomed Cheesyjet, and Captain Higginson has realised he should probably hang up his pilot’s hat and get back to teaching.


Mrs Fell writes:

The children in L1 each designed an aeroplane for Captain Higginson. They used paper to create an aerodynamic plane and added a design and logo in different colours. The children then had to find out which aeroplane would fly the furthest distance by using non standard measures (our feet).

The photograph captures the moment the children attempted to fly their planes – worth noting that the test conditions were more than a little windy!

Form 3 STEAM week

Miss Chambers writes:

At Bassett Airways the Form 3 team have been working hard to improve the air quality on their flights. The budding botanists have been learning from NASA’s study into the ability of certain plants to improve air quality by absorbing unhealthy particles in the air. Armed with their new found knowledge Form 3 have been finding ways in which they can incorporate the most purifying plants into an aircraft. Form 3 did some wonderful work and have nearly mastered the pronunciation of ‘Trichloroethylene’!

Mayor of London's Healthy Workplace Charter Awarded to Bassett House School

Mr Wingfield writes:

We were delighted to be awarded the Mayor of London’s Healthy Workplace Charter Commitment Accreditation earlier in the term in recognition of our dedication to physical and mental wellbeing for all. The accreditation is awarded on the basis of a thorough self-assessment process with evidence for creating a healthy working environment.

News from the art department Artist of the Week

Mrs Slade writes:

This week’s award goes to a pupil in Form 3, for his wonderful Pop Art portrait in the style of Andy Warhol’s Mick Jagger.


Maths problems of the week This week's problems

Mr Wingfield writes:

Each week, the children are set a mathematics problem to solve independently, which tests their logical
reasoning and problem solving skills. The problems are posted to Instagram every week, and feature in
Bassett Life every Friday with the answers published the following week.

Maths problems of the week The answers!
Bassett Radio This week's episode

Miss Wood writes:

Scan the QR code, using the camera on your smartphone, to get your weekly dose of Bassett Radio; full of news updates, jokes, fascinating facts and other exciting topics. Bassett Radio is a fun club designed to encourage children’s listening and speaking skills. Sit back, relax and enjoy listening!

Crazy and creative construction club Will it or won't it float?!

Miss Baldwin writes:

This week in crazy and creative construction club, the children were challenged to create something that would float. They were given a selection of materials to chose from and had twenty minutes to complete the structure and add any optional decoration such as flags and signs. We then discussed our predictions about which construction would most likely float and which would sink and discussed our reasoning behind our predictions. After the testing was completed, some of the children also took part in a race to get their boat to the other side the quickest – a fantastic club and I was most impressed with the range of ideas that the children came up with.

STEAM week Cooking club

Mrs Fell writes:

The children were full of creativity in their STEAM week themed cooking club and designed their own Bassett Airways aircrafts using bananas, fondant icing, fan wafers, marshmallows, chocolate chips and squishy cream. We hope Captain Higginson will be impressed, although we are not sure whether these creations would actually be able to take to the skies!

Mathematics workshop Divide and rule!

Mr Wingfield writes:

It was good to see so many parents attending this week’s mathematics workshop and I hope those who attended found it helpful. Form teachers did an excellent job of sharing their enthusiasm and expertise, explaining how mastery in division, arguably the most difficult of the four operations to conceptualise clearly, is developed at Bassett House.

NEWS FROM THE PE DEPARTMENT Triumph on the hockey field!

Mr Friese writes:

Yesterday afternoon, selected Form 6 children played in the Orchard House School Hockey Festival and it proved to be an utterly fantastic afternoon of sport.

In their opening match, the Bassett children earned a superb 4-0 win against the hosts, Orchard House, before a close fought encounter with Heathfield House led to another victory, this time 2-1.

Following a short rest period, the Bassett team were back in action and enjoyed a fine run of form, earning another 4-0 win, this time against Chiswick and Bedford, followed by a 2-0 win against Chepstow House and a 2-1 win against Eaton Square. 

The Bassett team ended the afternoon with a record of; played 5, won 5, scored 14 conceded 2 – a truly remarkable performance. The children played superb hockey and demonstrated excellent teamwork throughout. Well done to everyone.

BHSPA Quiz Night - The winners!

The annual BHSPA Quiz Night held last night was once again a triumph. Congratulations to the winning team of Form 4 parents, and commiserations to the staff team (last year’s victors) who came a very close second! A very enjoyable evening was had by all with generous donations for the local charities we are supporting and the House Schools Trust.

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P T M Cawthorne 15 March 2019