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FORM 4J Assembly 9.00am

Wednesday 17 October

The theme of this assembly is: The Art of Listening

Parents are, of course, very welcome to attend!

FORM 2H Assembly – Imagination 


Last week, Form 2H took to the stage to talk about the importance of imagination. They travelled from outer space to a rainy day in the city, with the help of adjectives, song and, of course, their imaginations!

Remember – imagination is only a thought away!


Other top stories…


Congratulations to our Form 5 pupil who is our Artist of the Week for his wonderful attention to detail whilst creating his Georgia O’Keeffe inspired flower sculpture.


FORM 4J Preparing for assembly

The children in Form 4J have been busy preparing for their assembly – the theme of which is The Art of Listening.



Each week, the children are set a mathematics problem to solve independently, which tests their logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The problems are posted to Instagram every week, and will feature in Bassett Life every Friday – enjoy! The answers will be posted in next week’s edition.

FORM 4W Assembly – Failure – a growth mindset approach

Form 4W have been taking a growth mindset approach towards all areas of school life and they did an excellent job of informing the whole school about what that means. The children proved that failure is nothing to be feared and they even gave their own examples of things they can’t do…yet!

Well done to everyone involved, you really showed that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


MATHS PROBLEMS OF THE WEEK The answers from 5 October!



10 and 5 for 15

10 and 6 for 16

10 and 2 for 12

10 and 9 for 19

10 and 4 for 14

10 and 1 for 11

10 and 7 for 17

10 and 3 are not used

The flower number 18 has no butterflies. It needs a 10 and an 8.

FORM 3D Roald Dahl – George’s Marvellous Medicine

After having read parts of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and the description of George’s cupboard raiding, Form 3 felt inspired and decided to concoct some fabulously disgusting potions based on recipes of their very own, which they assiduously devised and wrote over the course of the week. You will wonder what the children might have used for “ a hairy toenail” or a “bloodied rat”, but the confectionery department at a local supermarket provided some extremely enticing and realistic looking sweets and bubble bath, which the children in turn ceremoniously and excitedly stuffed and poured into their very own exotic potion jars.

BASSETT RADIO CLUB This week’s episode

Bassett Radio Club enables children to develop their speaking and listening skills, while keeping the rest of the school informed and up-to-date on a range of topics each week. The children had great fun creating this episode – keep tuning in for sounds of the school!

Open up the camera on your iPhone and scan the QR code to hear the latest episode.

FORM 6 Have their fingers on the pulse!


Having planned an experiment last week regarding the effects of exercise on the human heart rate, Form 6 went outside to collect results this week. They practised taking their own pulse over 30 seconds, and then to double this to find their resting heart rate. The children then took turns to walk, jog and sprint and to see how these activities had an effect on their heart rate.

I was very impressed with the diligence the children showed in collecting the raw data for their results, especially after the scary observation from a few that they did not have a pulse. They soon realised they just had not found it yet. Next week we will discuss how to interpret the data to find our conclusion.

FORM 2R Diwali


In Form 2R’s RE lesson this week, we learned about the festival of Diwali. The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita and we discussed the importance of the symbol of light. The children then enjoyed creating their own finger puppets of the characters and performed their own versions of the story, as puppet shows.

NEWS FROM THE PE DEPARTMENT Bronze medal winners


On Wednesday selected boys in Form 3 played in their first ever inter-schools competition at Prospect House School Form 3 football tournament. I am very pleased to announce that we won the bronze medal after coming third in the ‘A’ competition.

Despite losing 0-1 to a strong Orchard House School team that went on to win the whole tournament, the boys recorded a superb win over Parsons Green Preparatory School. The draw with Prospect House School and Merlin School meant that the Bassett boys missed out on the silver medal by only one point!

The teamwork, work ethic, positional sense and passing skills the boys displayed were very impressive throughout. Well done to all the boys who each received a splendid bronze medal.

OHS FOOTBALL FESTIVAL Form 5 boys and a Form 4 boy

Yesterday afternoon, we took part in the Orchard House School Form 5 boys football tournament.

Despite defeat to a very strong Latymer team and a narrow one goal defeat against the hosts, Orchard House, the boys in the Bassett team (including one boy selected from Form 4) performed very well, producing some slick defending and intricate passing going forward. The team improved their performance throughout and earned a thoroughly deserved win against Prospect House which meant that the Bassett boys finished third overall.

Well done to all of the boys.

NETBALL MATCH Triumph at Imperial College


Yesterday afternoon, selected girls in Forms 5 and 6 played in two netball fixtures against St. Nicholas Preparatory School at Imperial College. The girls produced two outstanding performances, both matches were full of impressive teamwork as well as defending, passing and shooting skills, to win 8-0 and 10-5.

Well done to all of the girls whose effort and sportsmanship were superb throughout.





Monday 8 October

To all parents

Harvest Festival on Friday 19 October – arrangements

Monday 8 October

To the parents of children in Form 5

Young Musicians’ Assembly on Tuesday 6 November

Monday 8 October

To the parents of boys in Form 6, certain girls in Form 6 and certain boys in Form 5

Orchard House School Football tournament on Thursday 18 October

Monday 8 October

To the parents of children in the Den and Lower 1

Reading and writing workshop on Thursday 11 October

Monday 8 October

To the parents of boys in Form 6, certain girls in Form 6 and certain boys in Form 5

Message – Change to start time of tournament on Thursday 18 October

Tuesday 9 October

To the parents of children in Form 5

Visit to the Royal Observatory on Tuesday 16 October

Tuesday 9 October

To the parents of children in Forms 1 and 2

Parent teacher meeting evenings – Booking procedure

Wednesday 10 October

To the parents of children in Form 2

Pedestrian training

Wednesday 10 October

To the parents of children enrolled in Swimming club

Cancellation of swimming club on Thursday 11 October

Wednesday 10 October

To the parents of children in Lower 1 and above


Thursday 11 October

To the parents of children enrolled in Running club

Drop off at 60 Bassett Road – An important reminder

Friday 12 October

To all parents

Email scams in schools are becoming prevalent

Friday 12 October

To the parents of children in Form 1

Message, music file and lyrics for Harvest Festival on Friday 19 October

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