Bassett Life
FORM 3D Assembly 9.00am

Wednesday 21 November

The theme of this assembly is: Ancient Egypt

Parents are, of course, very welcome to attend!

FORM 2R Assembly – Julia Donaldson’s stories

On Wednesday this week, Form 2R had their class assembly on Julia Donaldson’s stories. We all thoroughly enjoyed writing the script together and exploring the different books. The children were amazing in their rehearsals and shone like true superstars on the day.

Thank you to all parents for getting involved with our preparations and for coming to support the children.


Other top stories…

FORM 4 Visit to Fulham Palace

Form 4 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Fulham Palace to put their geographical and historical knowledge to the test. The children spent the morning learning how to design maps and plans of different locations and this included a treasure hunt around the Palace museum to find as many different maps as possible. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and this enabled us to spend the afternoon outdoors discovering all about life in the Stone Age; including foraging for food, making a shelter and hunting. It was a fun-filled day for all and I was thrilled to see the children immerse themselves fully into all the activities!

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ Circulars – feedback requests

On Tuesday, 13 November, a circular entitled Potential school bus from NW postcodes was distributed to the parents in NW2, NW6, NW10 and W9 postcodes. Please access the e-form and submit your feedback by Wednesday, 21 November.

On Thursday, 15 November a circular entitled Proposed introduction of wraparound care was distributed to all parents. Please access the e-form and submit your feedback by Thursday, 22 November.

We look forward to receiving your responses and thank you for taking the time to complete the e-forms.

LOVE IN A BOX SCHEME Collection reminder

A reminder that these boxes are being collected from the school by Mustard Seed Relief Mission during the morning of Tuesday, 27 November, so may we please ask that the filled boxes be delivered to school from Wednesday 21 November and no later than Friday, 23 November to enable the boxes to be checked ahead of their collection.

We thank you in advance for your kind support of this very worthwhile cause.

FORM 4 Young Musicians’ Assembly


Form 4 demonstrated their musical talents on Tuesday morning. The children impressed the audience by demonstrating clear musical progress, including exam-level pieces, technical applications, great vocal performances, guitar and drum solos, lyrical vocal adaptations and even a rousing rendition of ‘Baby Shark’, the most popular song at Bassett House at the moment!



A pupil on Form 3 is the artist of the week for his painting of jungle leaves inspired by the French artist, Henri Rousseau.

THE DEN Numbers and shapes!


The children in the Den have been continuing to learn their numbers this week. They have particularly enjoyed using the new lightpad as part of a sensory approach to learning about numbers and shapes.



Key Stage 1 – The solution is shown above left.

Key Stage 2 – There are a total of 44 triangles in the picture.

LOWER 1 Visit to Notting Hill Gate

The children in Lower 1 enjoyed a fantastic day out on Tuesday. As part of their topic on where people live; they observed lots of different types of houses and homes in the local area. We looked at old houses, modern houses, terraced houses, flats, upside down houses, brightly coloured houses and mews houses to name a few! The children enjoyed using iPads to take pictures to record the types of homes we saw. After navigating our way around the Notting Hill Gate area, we went to Kensington Gardens and visited the Princess Diana Memorial Playground where the children had a fantastic time playing and exploring with their friends.

The children had a wonderful day out and represented Bassett House extremely well whilst out and about in the local community.

MATHS PROBLEMS OF THE WEEK This week’s problems


(Key Stage 1 left and Key Stage 2 right)

Each week, the children are set a mathematics problem to solve independently, which tests their logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The problems are posted to Instagram every week, and feature in Bassett Life every Friday. The answers will be posted in the next edition.

FORM 6 Visit to the Westfield Vue cinema


On Tuesday morning, Form 6 went on a trip to the cinema to see The Man Who Invented Christmas. The film tells the story of Charles Dickens who, after writing three unsuccessful novels, learnt the importance of bringing stories to life by describing characters and events in vivid detail. Inspired by the colourful characters and real-life experiences of 19th century London Dickens wrote what is now the famous classic A Christmas Carol.

LOWER 1H Fruit kebabs!

The children in Form 1H have been learning about the use of time connectives in their English lessons. They were tasked with ordering, writing and following instructions to make fruit kebabs. The last instruction of ‘Finally, eat your fruit kebab’ was the children’s most favourite instruction to follow!

BASSETT RADIO CLUB This week’s episode

Bassett Radio Club enables children to develop their speaking and listening skills, while keeping the rest of the school informed and up-to-date on a range of topics each week. The children had great fun creating this episode – keep tuning in for sounds of the school!

Open up the camera on your iPhone and scan the QR code to hear the latest episode.

NEWS FROM THE PE DEPARTMENT Form 3 football triumph!

Yesterday afternoon, all of the boys in Form 3 played in football fixtures against Norland Place School at the Westway. It proved to be a very successful afternoon with each boy giving maximum effort and gaining valuable match experience.

Bassett House were deservedly victorious in both of their matches, winning 2-1 on pitch 2 and 3-1 on pitch 3,

The whole BHS team put in a superb performance and well done to all the boys, they should be very proud of themselves.






Monday 12 November

To certain parents only

Flu immunisation – a reminder

Monday 12 November

To the parents of children new this term who pay fees by monthly instalments

First collection of monthly instalments

Monday 12 November

To all parents

Message from the BHSPA – Charity voting forms

Tuesday 13 November

To the parents of children in Form 3D

Message, music file, lyrics and YouTube link for the assembly on Wednesday 21 November

Tuesday 13 November

To the parents of children in Lower 1 and above

Clubs (and other activities) in the spring term 2019

Tuesday 13 November

To the parents of certain children in Forms 3, 4 and 5

Parent teacher meeting evenings – a reminder

Tuesday 13 November

To the parents in NW2, NW6, NW10 and W9 postcodes

Potential school bus from NW postcodes (responses by 21 November, please)

Wednesday 14 November

To the parents of children in Lower 1 to Form 6

Cooking by numbers (younger group) Spring term 2019

Wednesday 14 November

To all parents

Message – Charity voting forms – a reminder

Thursday 15 November

To the parents of children in Form 3

Residential trip to Flatford Mill in the summer term

Thursday 15 November

To the parents of the girls in Form 4 and certain girls in Form 3

Netball match against Norland Place School on Friday 23 November

Thursday 15 November

To all parents

Proposed introduction of wraparound care (responses by 22 November, please)

Thursday 15 November

To the parents of children in Lower 1 and above

Spring term clubs 2019 – spaces

Friday 16 November

To the parents of children in Lower 1

Christmas production of Prickly Hay on Wednesday 28 November and Tribe Films order form

Friday 16 November

To the parents of children in Lower 1

Music files and lyrics for the production of Prickly Hay on Wednesday 28 November

Friday 16 November

To the parents of children in Form 4

Residential trip to York (18-21 June 2019)

Friday 16 November

To the parents of certain children in Form 2

Young Musicians’ Assembly on Tuesday 20 November

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P T M Cawthorne 16 November 2018