Bassett Life
Dukes Education A drinks reception to meet Aatif Hassan

After Monday’s news, I am sure that you may have many questions. Please allow me to assure you that nothing is going to change: Bassett House is going to continue as it always has. The warm and nurturing environment that makes Bassett House so special will remain as the cornerstone of who we are.

This is a new and exciting time for the school, and I am looking forward to working with both Mr Aatif Hassan and Dukes Education.

I do hope that you will be able to come and meet the new owner on Wednesday 26  February at 6.00pm in St Helen’s Hall. If it is your intention to attend the reception, may I ask that you kindly complete the e-form as this will help greatly with the catering arrangements. Thank you.

Message from Mrs Cawthorne Happy half term

I hope you have enjoyed reading this bumper issue of Bassett Life. It’s been a tremendous half term too with sporting triumphs, a fantastic Form 2 production, a collection of impressive musical assemblies, wonderful class assemblies as well as exciting and informative trips.

I hope you have a very enjoyable half term holiday and look forward to seeing the children back in school hale and hearty on Monday, 24 February.

Form 2 A glorious production of Oliver!

Mrs Roe writes:

On Wednesday morning, Form 2 dazzled the audience with their very original production of Oliver! The children were fantastic and brought new life to an old classic. They bravely took on the challenge and, with lots of hard work and dedication, made the performance a huge success. A big thank you to our parents for the costumes and for all their support!

Maths problems of the week The answers!

Mr Wingfield writes:

Key stage 1
9 = 2 + 3 + 4
10 = 2 + 8
11 = 3 + 8
12 = 4 + 8
13 = 2 + 3 + 8
14 = 2 + 4 + 8
15 = 3 + 4 + 8

Key stage 2
2 x 16
4 x 17

Lower 1 To infinity and beyond!

Mrs Fell writes:

As part of their topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’, the children in Lower 1 have been developing their knowledge of space and our solar system. Following our recent trip to the Science Museum, we have been talking a lot about astronauts and how they travel to space and why they have to wear a special space suit. The children enjoyed using tin foil to create a picture of themselves as an astronaut in space – we even made special helmets!

We have also designed rockets using junk modelling – I think you will agree that they are ‘out of this world’!

Maths problems of the week This week's problems

Mr Wingfield writes:
Each week, the children are set a mathematics problem to solve independently, which tests their logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The problems are posted to Instagram every week, and feature in Bassett Life every Friday with the answers published the following week.

Art and crafts clubs Boxes of love for St Valentine's Day

Mrs Borzecka-Kuras writes:

This week the children in the Arts and Craft Club created beautiful gift boxes. They decorated them with shiny sequins and included touching messages for the people they love.

News from the art department This week's winner

Mrs Slade writes:

This week’s Artist of the Week is a pupil in Form 6 for her impressive artwork whilst exploring the Surrealism art movement. 

News from the PE department Glendower Girls' Football Festival last Friday

Mr. Friese writes

Last Friday selected girls in Form 6 played in the Glendower School Football Festival at Goals in Shepherd’s Bush.
Overall the girls played five matches, starting with draws against Orchard House and Garden House. This was followed by two matches against the hosts, Glendower, which resulted in a 1-2 defeat and 1-0 win before a re-match against Garden House ended with a 0-1 defeat to a goal in the last seconds of the game.
The girls thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, worked really hard, played some excellent football and deserved to get at least a draw in all of their matches.
Well done to all.

News from the PE department West London Cross Country Competition

Ms. Carota writes

Last Friday, selected boys in Form 6 took part in the West London Cross Country competition organised by Notting Hill Preparatory School at Wormwood Scrubs Park.
Although the boys ultimately didn’t take medal positions, they all performed exceptionally well in a large field of competitors and we are currently awaiting the final results to be sent to us.

Form 5 Science Green fingers!

Mlle Dolques writes:

During Thursday’s science lesson, the children in Form 5 studied a stage of the plant life cycle: seed dispersal. They examined a variety of seeds, fruits and vegetables and explored their different features. Based on their own observations, the children were able to make some assumptions about the way in which the seed is dispersed for each plant. The children were excited, very interested and involved in their research and showed a great sense of deduction.

Form 3 Change!

Miss Diezinger writes:

The children in Form 3 had a very exciting trip to our local grocery shop. They picked some fruit for a deliciously healthy snack, counted how much each piece of fruit cost and made sure that we they were not short-changed! A big thank you to Baz who, as always, was so kind and welcoming to our children.

Funky moves club Younger group

Street Dance and Hip Hop club on Wednesdays is proving to be a great success as you can see from the photographs taken of the younger group.  

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P T M Cawthorne 14 February 2020