Bassett Life
Bassett Life - 14 May 2021

Keeping it light this week, we are focussing on our youngest children. Growth and joy are how we feel about their progress as they prepare for the all important leap to their next year of learning.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peak into Bassett House life this week. See you at drop-off!

Interviewing the new Headmistress, Mrs Gray - by our Head Boy and Head Girl

We interviewed our new headmistress, Mrs Gray, on Wednesday, 12 May 2021. After an interesting discussion about her teaching experience, we would like to share what we learned about her.

Mrs Gray said that she had dreamed of being a teacher since she was 15 years old. At 16 years old she started her teaching experience and she went back to the same school after her GCSEs to volunteer. She looked for more responsibility and helped at other schools. She then trained at a school in Leeds, which taught her a lot about how to care for children. She got her first job in Slough. She went to Thomas’s and was in charge pastoral care. After that, she opened a new school and she said she felt a bit like a foreman telling workers what to do while they were building. Now, she works at a French bi-lingual school and she looks after the English students and pastoral care. She has been teaching for 20 years.

We asked Mrs Gray if she would change much at Bassett House and in short she said no. She said that the school is amazing and it is already a warm and friendly environment. She is so impressed by the pupils and that if they are happy they learn better.

We then asked how long she would be at Bassett House School, and she said that she wants to stay for a long time, and she wants to be with us long enough to make a difference.

When questioned what she likes to do outside of school, she answered that she likes to watch history documentaries, and write stories. She loves to play netball and to sing. She loves English and loves to teach writing.

She loves food, and her perfect meal would be a Chinese starter and sushi or gnocchi for a main with lots of cheese. For dessert, she likes honeycomb cheesecake and after that she likes having cheese and tea. We think she really knows her cheese.

Mrs Gray said that she would try to make up some chants for each individual house, and she is looking forward to hot chocolate Fridays to discuss ideas with the Bassett House pupils.

It was interesting hearing from Mrs Gray and learning more about her and we are looking forward to welcoming her after half-term.

Clubs Galore

In science club, the children had fun making their own slime, which is a particular non-Newtonian fluid called OOBLECK (yes it’s a funny sounding word – that’s because it is derived from a Dr. Seuss book).

Moments of Joy in Preschool

Moments of joy include being absolutely fascinated by the miracle of watching a tiny seed germinate AND the delight of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce for pudding on Thursday!

Reception grows!

Despite the wet weather, the children in Reception F really enjoyed meeting Pascale and helping her with some important jobs in the garden. The boys and girls were very excited to be able to plant some onion and carrot seeds – the seedlings were tiny! We carefully dug some small holes (to nursery depth) in the raised beds for our plants to grow in – we did not have to water them though because of all the rain! We will continue to look after our plants in the coming weeks and hopefully watch them grow.

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P T M Cawthorne 14 May 2021