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News from the BHSPA An amazing sum raised last year for the chosen charities

Hello Bassett parents,

2020 has zoomed off the starting line and there is just time for a quick glimpse in the rear-view mirror at Autumn Term 2019 before it’s full focus on the year ahead.

As you know, the Autumn Term and the festive season is when the BHSPA, with your considerable effort, help and generosity, raise most of our year’s charitable takings. It’s festive, it’s fun, it demands more than its pound of flesh but it is rewarding in more ways than just monetarily. 2019 was no exception.

School year to date, we have already raised a staggering: £12,150. £2,405 was raised from our Second Hand Uniform Sale and Christmas Market; and a whopping £9,745 from our Christmas Party (£2,195 of which came from the utterly superb hampers and £6,540 from the auction which again saw a long list of fabulous prizes).

Massive and heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who contributed in ways great and small to these collective efforts. Our chosen charities for 2020, the St Helen’s Edible Garden, Rugby Portobello Trust (Homework Club) and House Schools Trust will put our donations to excellent use.

So, from the BHSPA – many, many thanks for 2019 and a very happy 2020 to each and all.

Form 1H Assembly 9.00am on Wednesday 22 January

The theme of this assembly is Chinese New Year

Parents are, of course, very welcome to attend!

Eco Council Representatives for this term

Miss Wood writes:

Our Eco Council representatives are set for a busy spring term. I look forward to our fortnightly meetings and to hearing about their ideas. 


Bassett Radio Back with a sizzling sixth series it's... Bassett Radio - the sounds of the schoooool!

Miss Wood writes:
Bassett Radio is a fun club designed to encourage children’s listening and speaking skills.

To get your weekly dose of Bassett Radio full of news updates, jokes, fascinating facts and other exciting topics, please click on the arrow below or open up the camera on your iPhone and scan the QR code to hear the latest episode. Sit back, relax and enjoy listening!



Form 3 Ancient Greeks

Mrs Slade writes:

Form 3 have been very busy this week in their art lessons creating scratch art geometric patterns on a Greek pot which links in with their history topic this term on the Ancient Greeks.

News from the Art Department Artist of the Week

Mrs Slade writes:

This week’s Artist of the Week is one of our girls in Form 3 for her scratch art picture of a Greek pot.

Form 1S Healthy eating!

Mrs Slade writes:

Form 1S have been sampling lots of delicious healthy food as part of their DT project which has cross-curricular links with science and PSHE.

Clubs Street Dance and Hip Hop club on Wednesdays

All the clubs got off to a flying start this week and what a huge variety of before and after school clubs there are on offer this term.

The older children in the popular Street Dance and Hip Hop club thoroughly enjoyed their first session learning some energetic dance moves! There is no doubt that having a properly sprung floor and a state of the art sound system in Performing Arts Studio at The Dairy is proving invaluable to ballet lessons, dance lessons and performances in general.

News from the PE department Footwork skills

Mr Friese writes:

This term the children in the Den have started to learn footwork skills in preparation for football lessons in Lower 1 and have made a superb start. These lessons concentrate primarily on ball familiarity, dribbling and aiming.

Maths problems of the Week This week's problems

Mr Wingfield writes:

Each week, the children are set a mathematics problem to solve independently, which tests their logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The problems are posted to Instagram every week, and feature in Bassett Life every Friday with the answers published the following week.

Lower 1 Weaving pictures

Mrs Slade writes:

In their art lessons this term, the children in Lower 1 have been learning the art of weaving pictures with some very impressive results. Well done Lower 1!

Form 5 Mathematics

Miss Wood writes:

Form 5 have been looking at negative numbers in mathematics, this week. We used the real example of hot air balloons: the hot air rises, pushing the balloon up (representing positive numbers) and sand bags, which weigh the balloon down (to mimic negative numbers). The children enjoyed playing the ‘balloon’ game to put their number skills into practice.

Well done children for showing such a positive attitude towards this negative topic!

The Den A wonderful start to the spring term!

Mrs Whiting writes:

The children in the Den have got 2020 off to a flying start, welcoming both new friends into the class and catching up with familiar faces from last term. They have particularly enjoyed sharing the new garden with their friends. The children have explored the iPads in ICT, and have started learning about rhyming words with their topic of Nursery Rhymes. The children have enjoyed using paint and collage to make lovely Incy Wincy pictures.

Should any parent of a child in the Den wish to come in and share some favourite nursery rhymes with the children we would be delighted to see them. Please put a message in your child’s message book to let me know.

Lower 1 Computing - To infinity and beyond ....

Miss Baldwin writes:

This week in computing the children in Lower 1 have been designing their own spaceships linked to our new topic ‘To infinity and beyond…”. They used the program Busy Things on the laptops and had to practise scrolling through the items and dragging them onto their screen. When the children had finished they learned how to save their work and had to find the letters in their name on the keyboard. Well done everyone, you worked so hard!!

Form 4J This week in Form 4J

Ms Johnson writes:
Following on from last week in Form 4, we have now begun to read the captivating novel The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis! The lovely posters and projects made by Form 4 continue to inspire us with our reading. Thank you, parents, for supporting your child in taking his or her learning to the next level…such creative additions to the classroom.

Last (but by no means least), the exciting mathematics game designed by one of our pupils has added a boost to our ‘Multiplication Mondays’; thank you!

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P T M Cawthorne 17 January 2020