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FORM 3 Visit to the British Museum


Last Friday, the children in Form 3 had a most informative and enjoyable trip to the British Museum. They are studying Ancient Egypt in their history lessons and loved looking at the exhibits on show. The children were also given a fascinating talk on mummification.

FORM 4W Children of the World Assembly


4W led our Wednesday morning assembly with a very powerful and inspiring message: although we are all individual, we all have similarities, which can make a difference to the whole world. 4W showed that by working together and loving one another we make the world a better place. I am incredibly proud of every single child and the passion they showed when performing. Thank you friends and family for all your help towards learning lines. Well done 4W.


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FORM 6 Young Musicians’ Assembly


On Tuesday it was the turn of the Form 6 children to perform in their Young Musicians’ Assembly. The performers gave varied, entertaining and polished performances – well done!

FORM 4 Visit to Stonehenge


On Tuesday Form 4 donned tabards and were transported to the Prehistoric age! The children were given a fact-filled tour around Stonehenge leading us all to ponder how the structure was put together and for what reason. We then looked at barrows which are prehistoric burial sites and were lucky enough to handle real Bronze Age artefacts. The children were able to demonstrate an impressive amount of knowledge and the trip put into context what we have been learning about in our history lessons this term. A fantastic day was had by all and we were very impressed with the models of Stonehenge made upon our return.

Football Prospect House Football Tournament


On Monday, the boys in Form 5, as well as certain girls in Form 5 and certain boys in Form 4, played in the Prospect House Football tournament.

The afternoon provided plenty of exciting football as well as vital match experience for all the children, some of whom were playing in either their first school football tournament or their first ever football fixture.

Over the course of the afternoon the two Bassett House teams played 8 matches, winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 4, with the best result being a superb 2-0 victory against Hurlingham.

Ultimately, one Bassett House team missed out on winning a medal by a margin of only 1 point!

During the tournament the boys played exceptionally well in scoring the Bassett House goals.

Well done to all the children whose effort and behaviour was excellent all afternoon.



Ahoy matey! It was pirate week in drama club this week. First, the children were read a story about pirates searching for gold and then they set sail on a pirate ship in pursuit of their own treasure. They had to learn some important ‘pirate ship’ rules to keep the ship in shape in the stormy waters and to keep them safe from other pirate ships around. Then, once we hit land, they went on a hunt for the treasure! A treasure chest was hidden in the school garden and. once they discovered this, all the children then set off to create their own treasure boxes, imagining what they would find inside. They used jewels to decorate their boxes, beads for jewellery, glitter for diamonds, feathers (from their parrots) and even made their own gold coins. Excellent job, me fellow hearties. Aaarghhh!

FORM 6 Hamlet workshop


The Form 6 classroom was transformed into the Danish palace of Elsinore for an afternoon for a Hamlet workshop run by the Young Shakespeare Company. “To be or not to be?” was not the key question during the session, as everyone performed as characters from the famous play. Some of the highlights of the afternoon included the public appearance of the Danish royal family just after the king died, and the tragic drowning of Ophelia. The workshop will be followed by a visit to the Millfield Theatre to see an adaptation of Hamlet. As Shakespeare would have said: “we know what we are, but know not what we may be.” I know for sure that our pupils will continue to develop their already excellent dramatic skills. Thank you, Form 6, for being such an enthusiastic and inspirational class.

FORM 3 Learn about nutrition in science


Having studied the different types of nutrition in food and how they help keep our bodies healthy, Form 3 inspected a number of different food packages this week to see how nutritious the various types of food were. The children examined which contained the most carbohydrate for energy, the most protein for repairing our muscles and which contained the most fibre to help us digest our food. One of our teachers confessed that he did not always eat perfectly balanced nutritious meals (to which anyone in the staff room could attest) but he does try to make sure that most of the time he eats healthily!



This week the children have been trying to capture some new images of Bassett Bear. He even went and sat on our deputy head’s car – what a naughty bear!

Which is your favourite photograph?

UNIFORM Winter uniform – a reminder

I should like to remind parents, please, that children must return to school after half term in winter uniform. Every item of uniform must be clearly marked with the child’s name. Please also ensure that your child has sufficient warm clothes for when the weather becomes colder.

Please visit the school’s website where you will find the uniform lists in the parents’ section:

ST HELEN’S CHURCH Harvest Festival decorations


The children have worked really hard making decorations for our Harvest Festival and I think you will agree that these helped make the church look splendid for our celebrations this afternoon.

message from mrs cawthorne

It has been wonderful to end what has been a very enjoyable and productive half term, with such a splendid Harvest Festival. The children sang their songs beautifully and their superb artwork provided a colourful setting for the harvest service. A huge thank you to all the parents who very generously donated such fantastic produce for the Manna Society.

I hope you all have a lovely half term break.


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Cancellation of football match against Garden House School on Thursday 12 October

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Junior Chamber Choir – Fridays at 8.30am

Tuesday 10 October

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Senior Chamber Choir – Thursdays at 8.30am

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Message and links to two songs for the assembly on Wednesday 8 November

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Change of venue from Kensington Memorial Park to the Westway after half term

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Message – an important reminder – No nuts policy

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Message – Cinderella – Save the date (Friday 8 December)

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Parent teacher meeting evenings – Booking procedure

Friday 13 October

To the parents of all boys in Forms 3, 4, 5 and 6, certain boys in Form 2D and certain girls in Form 4W and Form 5

Football matches against the Roche School on Friday 3 November

Friday 13 October

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Change to the entrance process for girls applying to consortium schools from autumn 2019

Friday 13 October

To all parents

Term dates until the end of the summer term 2019

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

P T M Cawthorne 13 October 2017