Bassett intranet

Here you will find a collection of useful links for staff, parents and pupils.

Children’s Links

InCAS 2017-18

Mathletics is an online Mathematical challenge programme, allowing children to improve their mental arithmetic and work on individually targeted areas of the subject.

Renaissance Place provides a testing environment to monitor and support childrens reading in school. This is based on comprehension of the books they read in class and at home.

Renaissance Place Home Connect provides access for the parents to children’s progress in Renaissance Place.

Gmail. Children and staff use Gmail accounts for internal communication and to share work. These are monitored and only allow the opportunity to email within the House Schools Group.

Busythings provides a fun learning experience for children in EYFS. Children improve their ICT skills whilst practicing conservation of space, addition, typing and much more.

Espresso Education is digital media resources for all subjects across Foundation to Key Stage 2

Education City provides engaging, educational resources and games for students aged 3-12 years

Typing club learn touch typing

CAT 4 tests

BBC Dance Mat learn touch typing

Thinkuknow for internet safety tips

Infant Encylopedia is an online child-friendly encyclopedia containing easily searchable information and activities linked to popular curriculum topics.

BBC Bitesize History



Fabled-tell your story