Welcome to our parents’ association

Bassett House has a vibrant and active parents’ association. Our role is to support the school, strengthen our school community, pass on helpful information (and reminders!) and raise money for the school’s chosen charities each year.  We do this by running events each term.  We are well known for having the most fun among London prep school parents!

Each class has its own rep.  This year’s reps and BHSPA officers are:

Joint Chair Jacqui Sochovsky/Tania Maggiolo
Treasurer Amanda Smallwood
DEN Kim Davies
LOWER 1B Larissa Allan
LOWER 1F Siobhan Scott/Chantal Rued
FORM 1S Ceanne Fernandes-Wong/Don Wong
FORM 1H Emily Huc
FORM 2H Evgeniya Kondrashina
FORM 2R Anoushka Yeoh/Joelle Godfrey
FORM 3D Mireille Burkhardt/Katerina Mathioudaki 
FORM 3S Anna Gahan
FORM 4J Lesley Howarth 
FORM 4W Alison Smith
FORM 5 Sarah & Chris Wright
FORM 6 Susan Agnew

Their contact details can be found on the most recent ‘green list’ (class list) distributed for each class.