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Entry points

Starting at Bassett House School

At Bassett House, we focus on the individual and that starts with the entrance procedure. So if your child’s needs don’t fit the standard entrance pattern, please talk to us (call Thalia Demetriades, our registrar, on 020 8969 0313) and we can help.

Children normally start in the autumn term (starting early in September) either in the Den aged 3 or in Lower 1 (our reception year) aged 4.  We do not assess children joining the school in the Den or who join Lower 1 in the autumn term.

If your child would join Lower 1 (reception) from the January onwards of that year, we will offer your child a taster session and, providing that is a success and there is a place available, we will then offer your child a place.

If you have an older child and are looking for them to move schools, please call Thalia, our registrar, to talk about your circumstances and what you are looking for.  We do sometimes have occasional places for children further up the school.  For older children going into older year groups, the school will assess your child’s level of attainment (focusing on mathematics and English) to determine whether your child will be a good fit for the class.  This is to judge whether your child will be able to fully access the curriculum that the intended class is following.  

Mrs Cawthorne will then decide whether or not we can offer your child a place.

Breakdown of classes
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House Schools Trust

House Schools Trust is an independent charity that raises funds and awards means-tested scholarships to bright and promising children whose parents would not otherwise be able to consider sending them to an independent fee-paying school. Means-tested scholarships are available, as funds permit, for children aged 7+. Candidates must currently be attending a state school and must have the right to reside in the UK. The scholarships are for places at one of the three schools in the House Schools Group, Bassett House in North Kensington, Orchard House in Chiswick and Prospect House in Putney. For more information, please visit

house schools trust
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Wraparound Care

Bassett provides before- and after-school care

In recognition of the time pressures on busy parents, we offer supervised before- and after-school care every day, Monday to Friday. We call it wraparound care. The morning sessions start at 7.45am and the afternoon sessions finish at 5.45pm.

In the morning children are given cereal and milk (or a non-dairy milk substitute for those children with dairy intolerance) and after- school they can enjoy a flapjack (or similar item) and a drink.
There are board games and other activities for the children and also a quiet area where they can read. The sessions are run by a qualified teacher.

As one parent put it: “I can’t thank you enough. This service is truly invaluable…Brilliant.”


  • Regular morning session: £5 per child
  • Regular after-school session: £15 per child
  • Regular post-club session: £5 per child
  • Occasional ad hoc session: £15 per child